Trane rehires 100 laid off workers, filling more jobs

Trane has called back 100 workers—with raises–and is looking to hire additional employees at its Fort Smith air conditioning factory.

Plant manager Chris Farnsworth said the company secured a new labor contract and restored many of the positions lost in 2010.

According to a report in The City Wire, Farnsworth said the new agreement has enabled the company to bring in a new line from Trenton, New Jersey, and increase the size of the labor line. He said Trane has also invested more than $800,000 and reconfigured the Fort Smith plant to improve productivity.

Farnsworth said the company has recalled all its former employees on the recall list and is now in a position to bring in new hires. He said he added 29 new hires in the last month and he still has positiona available. He is especially in need of skilled trade workers in maintenance and electricians.

The City Wire

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